Here is the simple way to do it

First download data (NSE) using any of the downloader ( for a few years and convert it.

Open Amibroker

Go to file

Import wizard
Pick the folder where converted NSE data is stored in your PC.You can select multiple data files using control +Alt function.This will help you load all the data at one go. You will be able to see all the data files in the Import wizard screen

Click next. you will see another screen with the heading define fields

Here select the fields in your converted data file. That is Ticker, name , date , open, high, low, volume. You will be able to see a sample format of your converted data. use it to fill the fields. make sure you choose the correct date format and all other fields exactly as in your converted data.

You can use 1 in skip first lines if your data has headers like ticker,date ,open etc in the first line. otherwise leave it as Zero.

Now press next and select Add current settings to ASCII import. Next name the format file name as you like say NSE format. Description also can be NSE format.File mask leave it as it is. Now press finish. The full data will be loaded.

To update eveyday go to file again. This time select import ASCII , choose your data file from its folder and import it. Simple.