I am Manikandan R and i have been investing since 2005. I am also the author of Book on "Art of Stock Investing - Indian Stock Market"

As the title suggests, this is for those looking for professional advise on Mutual Fund Investments.

What Mutual Fund Consultation Involves:
The Mutual fund consultation that i offer will help a layman investor focus on getting the two key things right, which eventually should result in better returns in the long run.
  • Picking the Right Mutual Fund
There are so many funds in the market today and picking a fund blindly or taking advise from the wrong person or agent can totally spoil your returns.

With online resources today, one can pick a reasonably good fund by going for 5 star rated funds which has been operating for over 5 years with good returns in the past (Past returns don't always assure future returns).

So what do we do before suggesting a fund?
We drill down into each Company the Mutual Fund has invested in and look for parameters like debt exposure, brand value, future growth prospects and so on of each company.
  • Entering and Exiting (Buying / Selling) at the Right Time
The Economy has three phases. Consolidating Markets, Rising Markets and Falling Markets.

By Falling Markets, i mean periods when Stock Markets fall by over 25% (Like 2008 recession when markets fell nearly 60%). If you want to learn how to predict such falls, you can read my Book.

If you are investing in a SIP model at all times, you would also be investing market starts falling, which is not such a good idea. We predict market falls and we will advise you to book profit in advance

So, in our consultation, we would advise you to invest in SIP in Consolidating Markets and Rising Markets.

We will advise you to exit your Mutual Funds before a Market fall and switch your investments systematically to Gold ETF.

Cost of Consultation:
10 years - 8,000 Rupees / 160 USD
5 years - 5,000 Rupees / 99 USD
1 year - 2,000 Rupees / 40 USD
How to Subscribe:
The paid forum is visible and accessible only to premium registered members. Mutual Fund Consultation will be more than just access to paid section. i will always be in touch by e-mail, chat and phone to help answer your queries.
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If you have any queries, you are welcome to ask in this thread or e-mail me at rmani84@bse2nse.com

Cheers !